What You Should Know About An E Cig

If you’ve been trying to quit smoking, you’ve probably heard about an e cig and how it can help you to quit smoking. But is it really the case? In this article, we will tell you a bit more about e cigarettes and how, if ever, they might help you.

An e cig is really nothing more than a nicotine delivery device that is composed of a cartridge that contains liquid nicotine, a vaporizer that turns the liquid nicotine into vapor and a battery pack. The good thing about electronic cigarettes is that they don’t contain any tar and there are no tobacco leaves to burn. The lack of tar is one reason why e cig manufacturers are peddling it as a tobacco replacement device – they can still satisfy the craving for nicotine without for half the risk to your health.

For us, however, electronic cigarettes are really their own guilty pleasure and although you can use them to replace your tobacco habit, you shouldn’t expect to quit the nicotine habit altogether because of them. If you really want to quit nicotine, use your will and don’t rely on psychological crutches.

Anyway, you’d be glad to know that electronic cigarettes are more interesting devices than tobacco cigarettes. If you look at e cig websites, you will see that cartridges come in many different flavors, not just tobacco and menthol. This really makes the e-cig more of a mini hookah bar than a cigarette. But you really can’t complain because it does make the experience even more exciting. There are fruit flavors as well as vanilla and cinnamon.

If you’re merely curious about e cigs, you can use disposable brands that you can throw away after a day or two. If you’re making that switch from tobacco, invest in a rechargeable brand.